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Healthy Origins, Vitamin D3, 10,000 IU, 120 Softgels

Item # : 1578
Manufacturer SKU : 603573153533
Product Code : HO5353
Package Details : 120 Softgels
Serving Size : 1 Softgel
Serving per Container : This bottle will last for 120 Days
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Healthy Origins, Vitamin D3, 10,000 IU, 120 Softgels
Price(र)  : 2405.00

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·       Clinical Strength

·       Sourced from Lanolin

·       A Dietary Supplement


Healthy Origins Vitamin D3 10,000 IU is a key nutrient manufactured in a highly absorbable liquid softgel form. Vitamin D3 is synthesized in the body from sunlight and only a small amount can be obtained from food. The winter season and most all sunblock products inhibit the body's ability to produce optimal levels of Vitamin D. As a result Vitamin D3 supplementation becomes even more necessary to ensure your body receives an adequate supply.

Suggested Use:

As a dietary supplement, take one (1) softgel daily, preferably with a meal. Do not exceed one (1) softgel daily. For adult use only.

Supplement Facts

Supplement Facts:

Serving Size: 1 Softgel


Amount Per Serving

% Daily Value

Vitamin D3 (as Cholecalciferol)

10,000 IU


Other Ingredients:

Pure Olive Oil (fruit), Gelatin, Glycerin, Purified Water.

Free of sugar, salt, starch, yeast, wheat, gluten, corn, soy, barley, fish, shellfish, nuts, tree nuts, egg, and dairy products. No preservatives, artificial colors or artificial flavors.

Q.What is the Vitamin D?
A."Vitamin D" refers to several different forms of this vitamin. Two forms are important in humans: vitamin D2, which is made by plants, and vitamin D3, which is made by human skin when exposed to sunlight. Foods may be fortified with vitamin D2 or D3.The major role of vitamin D is to maintain normal blood levels of calcium and phosphorus. Alternative names for Vitamin D are Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol), Vitamin D2 ( Ergocalciferol).

Q.What are the functions of Vitamin D?
A.Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium. Calcium and phosphate are two minerals that are essential for normal bone formation.Throughout childhood,body uses these minerals to produce bones. If do not get enough calcium, or if your body does not absorb enough calcium from your diet, bone production and bone tissues may suffer.

Q.What are the food sources of Vitamin D?
A.The body makes vitamin D when the skin is directly exposed to the sun. That is why it is often called the "sunshine" vitamin. Most people meet at least some of their vitamin D needs this way. Very few foods naturally contain vitamin D. Many foods are fortified with vitamin D. Fortified means that vitamins have been added to the food. The food sources are Dairy products such as cheese, butter and fortified milk. Fatty fish (such as tuna, salmon, and mackerel) are among the best sources of vitamin D.Beef liver, cheese, and egg yolks provide small amounts and  fortified breakfast cereals.

Q.What are the Vitamin D defeciency?
A.Rickets and osteomalacia are classic vitamin D deficiency diseases. In children, vitamin D deficiency causes rickets, which is a softening or weakening of the bones. In adults, vitamin D deficiency can lead to osteomalacia, which causes weak bones and muscles.

Q.What afe the benefits of Vitamin D?
A.Depression Symptoms
Vitamin D-3 supplements may help treat the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder. Because vitamin D-3 is made by your body when it is exposed to sunlight, the theory is that vitamin D-3 supplements may alleviate some of the symptoms associated with depression from low sunlight exposure during the colder months. However, studies are inconclusive about this, and the standard treatment for seasonal affective disorder remains light therapy.
Maintaining Calcium Levels
Vitamin D-3 helps body absorb calcium, an essential mineral for the production of healthy bones and teeth. Calcium is especially important during infancy and adolescence, and poor calcium absorption can lead to low calcium levels and poor bone health and development. Over long periods of time, low levels of vitamin D-3 can result in osteoporosis.
Cancer Treatment
Vitamin D may help reduce the risk of certain cancers. Vitamin D-3 may help with reducing the likelihood of skin, breast and colon cancers, among several others.

Q.What are the side effect of Vitamin D?
A.Too much vitamin D can make the intestines absorb too much calcium. This may cause high levels of calcium in the blood. 
• Calcium deposits in soft tissues such as the heart and lungs
• Confusion and disorientation
• Damage to the kidneys
• Kidney stones
• Nausea, vomiting, constipation, poor appetite, weakness, and weight loss

Q.Is it safe for pregnant or nursing women?
A.Yes, it is safe for pregnant or nursing women when used in daily amounts below 4000 units. Do not use higher doses. Using higher doses might cause serious harm to the infant.