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Natural Factors, Stress-Relax, Suntheanine, L-Theanine, 100 mg, 60 Chewable Tablets

Item # : 1419
Manufacturer SKU : 068958028323
Product Code : NF2832
Package Details : 60 Chewable Tablets
Serving Size : 2 Tablets
Serving per Container : This bottle will last for 30 Days
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Natural Factors, Stress-Relax, Suntheanine, L-Theanine, 100 mg, 60 Chewable Tablets
Price(र)  : 3734.00
Offer (र)  : 3361.00

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• Dietary Supplement
• For Mental Calmness & Relaxation
• Recommended by Dr. Michael Murray
• Purity & Potency Guaranteed

Suntheanine contains pure L-Theanine, a unique amino acid found in green tea that is emerging as the premier natural product to support mental calmness and relaxation. Suntheanine is produced via a proprietary enzymatic process guaranteeing essentially pure L-Theanine for maximum effectiveness. In a tasty fruit-flavored chewable tablet. All Natural Factors products are manufactured in accordance with the Government of Canada's Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), among the highest standards in the world.

Suggested Use:

Chew 1-2 tablets, 3 times per day or as directed by a health professional.

Supplement Facts:

Serving Size: 2 Tablets

Servings Per Container: 30


Amount Per Serving

% Daily Value




Total Carbohydrate

4 g



3 g


Suntheanine L-Theanine

200 mg


† Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
** Daily Value not established.

Other Ingredients:

Organic cane sugar, xylitol, stearic acid, silica, natural fruit flavor (pineapple, banana, pomegranate, mango and passion fruit), citric acid, magnesium stearate (vegetable grade).

Contains no artificial preservatives, colors or sweeteners; no dairy, soy, wheat or yeast.


Keep out of reach of children.

Sealed for your protection. Do not use if seal is broken. For freshness, store in a cool, dry place.

Q.What is L Theanine?
A.L Theanine is an amino acid that helps promote a restful, relaxed state without diminishing daytime alertness and without the side effects commonly associated with other relaxing agents.

Q.How does it work?
A.Scientific studies show L Theanine impacts both the nervous and cardiovascular systems to produce a calming effect on mental state which is why it’s often referred to as the 'feel good supplement'. It’s been shown to promote deep muscle relaxation and improve good quality sleep.
Scientists have investigated L Theanine effect on brain amino acids and neurotransmitters. In clinical trials L Theanine was shown to increase alpha brain waves which are considered an index of relaxation. A recent study concluded L Theanine promotes the generation of alpha brain waves and promotes relaxation.

Q.Does L-theanine have Any Other Benefits for Our Bodies Besides Promoting Relaxation?
A.Yes, L-theanine has been shown to help the regulation of blood pressure. The same neurotransmitters that help us relax also regulate blood pressure in our bodies. When L-theanine is absorbed in our bodies, it results in slightly lowered blood pressure. Laboratory studies have demonstrated that L-theanine affects both the nervous system and the cardiovascular system. Thus, L-theanine's calming effect on our mental state is augmented by lowering blood pressure as well.

Q.Does L-theanine have the same type of side effects as Prescription Antidepressants & Anti-Anxiety Medications?
A.L-theanine has been extensively consumed in tea without any side effects. Using an L-theanine supplement is a safe alternative because it will relieve anxiety and promote relaxation without causing the daytime sedation and grogginess that is associated with prescription medications on the market today. However, individuals with chronically high stress levels and poor sleep patterns may feel slightly sleepy when first using an L-theanine supplement. This effect occurs, not because the L-theanine makes them sleepy, but because they are finally relaxed and able to listen to their bodies' demands for rest. After catching up on a few nights' sleep, they should be able to use L-theanine without feeling sleepy.

Q.Is it safe?
A. Suntheanine has been shown to be safe based on numerous favorable toxicology and efficacy studies. Unlike other stress reducing supplements, Suntheanine does not cause drowsiness. Suntheanine has been consumed in beverages, foods and supplements since 1994 with no indication of adverse reactions or contraindications. The GRAS Affirmation (Generally Recognized as Safe) of Suntheanine received confirmation from the US FDA in 2007 for its use in a number of food and beverage categories


GREAT PRODUCT  (10/11/2012)  
This product gently helps me fall asleep more quickly and sleep more soundly. The tablets taste candy. I have not noticed any side effects.

WONDERFUL!  (19/10/2011)  
This is an awesome product...I have turned my friends on to this. It really works and you don't have to worry about side effects.