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Now Foods, Ginseng & Royal Jelly, 90 Capsules

Item # : 1781
Manufacturer SKU : 733739040077
Product Code : NF4007
Package Details : 90 Capsules
Serving Size : 1 Capsule
Serving per Container : This bottle will last for 90 Days
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Now Foods, Ginseng & Royal Jelly, 90 Capsules
Price(र)  : 2500.00
Offer (र)  : 2250.00

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• Adrenal Support
• Supports Stress Response
• Immune System Support
• GMP Quality Assured
• A Dietary Supplement

Chinese Panax Ginseng has a 2,000 year history of use. This combination is the perfect supplement to a healthy diet. Royal Jelly is the sole food of the Queen Bee and enables her to outlive worker bees thirty-fold, while laying up to 2,000 eggs daily throughout her life.

Suggested Use:

As a dietary supplement, take 1 capsule 1 to 2 times daily.

Supplement Facts:

Serving Size: 1 Capsule


Amount Per Serving

% Daily Value

Panax Ginseng Root Powder (C.A. Meyer) (min. 5 % Ginsenosides)

300 mg


Royal Jelly (Minimum 5 % 10-HDA) (3:1 freeze-dried powder equivalent to 300 mg fresh royal jelly)

100 mg


Licorice Root Powder (Glycyrrhiza glabra)

100 mg


* Daily Value not established.


Other Ingredients:

Gelatin (capsule) and magnesium stearate (vegetable source).

10-HDA (hydroxy-d-decanoic acid) is a guarantee of quality freeze-dried Royal Jelly.

Contains no sugar, salt, yeast, wheat, corn, gluten, soy, egg or milk.

Q.What is panax ginseng ?
A.Traditionally, red ginseng, also known as panax ginseng, Ginseng is a type of plant that is used in nutritional supplements for its potential health benefits and medicinal properties. Korean red ginseng, also called red ginseng, is one of 11 forms of naturally growing ginseng -- and one of the most widely used forms of the plant. Korean red ginseng has several documented health benefits Korean red ginseng is part of the Asian Ginseng family, which has been used for over 2,000 years in China. It contains the same active ingredient--ginsenoside--that is found in American ginseng. However it is very different from Siberian gingseng, which does not contain ginenoside .It has been taken as an aphrodisiac, as a stimulant and to increase longevity. Used in China as a treatment for diabetes and male sexual dysfunction, ginseng root has been a highly prized herb for thousands of years. 

Q.How does it work?
A.Panax ginseng contains many active substances. The substances thought to be most important are called ginsenosides or panaxosides. Ginsenosides is the term coined by Asian researchers, and the term panaxosides was chosen by early Russian researchers.

Q.What are healthy benefits of Panax ginseng?
A.Healthy benefits of panax gingseng are: 
Cold and Flu
Heart health
Type 2 diabetes
Mental performance
Physical endurance
Stress and well-being
Menopausal symptoms
Immune stystem

Q.What is a Queen Bee?
A.The Queen starts life in the hive just like any worker/nurse bee. She is selected randomly by the workers for Queen status, and fed an exclusive diet of royal jelly. The diet then turns her into the remarkable being that she is, living forty times longer than the worker bees. So it is the royal jelly that make the queen bee, she is not born as royalty!, she is made that way by her exclusive diet.

Q.How is it collected?
A.In natural conditions, worker bees create royal jelly with glands located on their heads and initially supply all larvae hatched in the colony with it. Larvae that will become queen bees develop in wax cells filled with royal jelly and receive the jelly throughout their lives, ensuring that they will be able to mate and reproduce when they mature. In colonies intended for the harvest of royal jelly, the beekeeper induces an increase in the number of larvae selected to be queens (around 50 or more) and feeds the worker bees a sufficient amount to generate large amounts of royal jelly. The beekeeper later removes the larvae from the wax cells and collects the royal jelly.

Q.How did Royal Jelly become a dietary supplement?
A.Scientists first recognized the power of royal jelly in the simple observation that the queen bee grows bigger and lives longer than her genetically identical worker bees, with the only difference between the two being the queen’s lifelong diet of nutrient rich royal jelly.
While it is believed that royal jelly may increase vitality and longevity, improve digestion and condition the skin, hair and nails, potential new benefits, such as relieving stress, improving liver function, lowering cholesterol, and anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, are also being discovered.

Q.What Is the Difference Between Royal Jelly & Honey?
A.Although bees are the only insects that benefit human beings, production of royal jelly and honey is not for our pleasure alone. They are vital to bee survival. Royal Jelly is a milky-white, rich, nutritional substance secreted by worker bees and fed to all bee larvae. It is overfed to the larva chosen to become a queen bee and, throughout her life, remains a queen's sole source of nutrition. Honey, on the other hand, is a byproduct of nectar collected by worker bees and consumed by all adult bees other than the queen.
Royal Jelly: Nicknamed for its ability to put a queen bee on the throne, royal jelly is secreted from the hypopharyngeal glands found in young worker bees. It consists mainly of water, amino acids, simple sugars and fatty acids. It also contains trace minerals, enzymes, antibacterial and antibiotic components, and trace amounts of Vitamin C. In addition to promoting a bee larva to royalty, all young larvae feed on royal jelly exclusively in their first four to five days of existence.
Honey: Honey is a sugar product, consisting primarily of two simple sugars---dextrose and levulose---in water. Bees create it by regurgitating and re-hydrating nectar they collect, using the enzyme invertase to accomplish the task. Honey contains anywhere from eleven to twenty-two amino acids, including the eight amino acids essential for human growth and development.

Q.Can I take Royal Jelly while pregnant or nursing?
A.We believe royal jelly provides ample vitamins, minerals, and other additional nutrients that contribute to overall health and rejuvenation of pregnant women. However, it is important to consult with your doctor or healthcare professional before taking this product.

Q.Can I take Royal Jelly with other vitamins?
A.Yes, absolutely! Royal jelly is a completely natural, nutritious food substance; it will not interfere with other regular vitamins regimen, and will be a great addition.

Q.How to best to take Royal Jelly for nutrients?
A.Store fresh Queen Royal Jelly in the freezer under minus 18 degrees celsius. Take 1 teapoon (5 gms) a day for adults. Half teaspoon for children. On empty stomach 1 hour before food.